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The NY Police Are SAVAGE . . . They SNAPCHATTED Video A Family . . . After BUSTING INTO THEIR HOME . . . And Arresting Everyone!!! (How Is This LEGAL . . . To TROLL People You ARREST??)


A member of the NYPD is in some trouble - for Snapchatting a pic of a family UNDER ARREST - and trolling them online.

A 28-year-old Brooklyn woman named Kimberly Santiago said the photo shows her relatives being detained as warrant squad cops rummaged through her Brownsville, New York apartment on Thursday morning.

“Oh my God. When I saw that, I just said, man, this whole time this guy was recording this, like we were a joke?” Santiago told the NY Daily News.

Police claim that they have taken disciplinary action against the officer. But they refused to name the officer.