A group of men in Bronx, NY caught a man they say was trying to abduct and rape a teenage girl. And the men responded to this attempted assault by delivering street justice as they beat the alleged abductor - and stomping on him with their Timberland boots.

Here is the graphic video of the beating

The incident occurred in the Bronx, after a viral video was leaked - appearing to show a man trying to kidnap a teen girl on a Bronx train. A group of men who watched the video, ran down on the man who they believe attempted this "kidnapping" for a possible sexual assault.

The original viral video showed a man - who resembled the person beaten by the men - appearing to attempt a kidnapping of the teen girl. 

Here's the video of the alleged abduction:

But the man beaten by the men denies this conduct. The men, however, ignore his pleas and denials- and delivered a brutal beating on the alleged abductor. They also captured the beating on video, and Livestreamed it on social media as a warning to other would-be criminals of this nature.

The video has now been seen by more than 5,000,000 people.

MTO News reached out to the NY Police Department for comment and they claim they have brought in the man in the video for questioning.

Here is the graphic video of the beating