NY Man CAUGHT On Tape . . . MURDERING HIS WIFE . . . For Allegedly 'CHEATING'!!

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A New York man has been charged with attempted murder, after he is caught on video - KILLING HIS WIFE.

Police say Jose Castillo, a recent immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was caught on camera stabbing his 38 year old wife. Jose claims that his wife was "cheating".

Surveillance video shows the victim, 38, sitting in FG Barber Shop around 8:30 a.m. Police say Castillo can be seen in surveillance video entering the shop and approaching her before pulling out an object like a screwdriver from his left pocket.

Reports say the man, "repeatedly plunged a screwdriver into her, until one of the barbers inside tried to stop him."

The Daily News continues, "the woman tried to escape, but Castillo chased after her, dragging her back into the store. After another struggle, she ran outside again, and he attacked her again after she's knocked to the ground.

A passerby on the sidewalk intervened, and Castillo fled. He was arrested later in the day Thursday."

The video shows the man stabbing her before a barber, Angel Sierra, tries to save the victim's life. Angels tried to grab the knife - and gives the victim time to escape.

The victim was admitted to the hospital in in SERIOUS but stable condition. Her hero, barber Angel Sierra, visited her in the hospital Monday and at the time she was alive, but in bad shape.

But things took a tunrn for the worse, and she eventually died. Jose is expected to be charged with murder.