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NOT AGAIN!! Woman's EX-CON Boyfriend . . . Is Charged With RAPING And KILLING An 18-Month-Old BABY!!!

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There's a growing trend in the United States of women's boyfriends sexually assaulting and murdering their children.

The latest tragedy occurred in Pennsylvania, where a man was arrested for allegedly violently raping and murdering an 18-month-old toddler. Jeremiah Cordel is being held on a variety of charges.

According to authorities, the incident took place in New Albany, Pennsylvania, in September 2015. But police arrested Jeremiah and charged him with the sexual assault and death of the 18-month-old little girl just a few days ago. Jeremiah was babysitting 18-month-old Kendall Lynn Doss.

According to investigators, Jessica Arnold (the toddler’s mother) had left the girl in the care of the 27-year-old Pennsylvania man, because she was dropping off her other daughter with her father for the weekend. When she returned home, she found that her baby was sleeping, so she went to bed. She told authorities that Jeremiah had texted her while she was gone to let her know that the baby wasn’t feeling well. She reportedly threw up, so he changed her diaper, cleaned her up, and put her to bed. However, an autopsy showed that this is not at all what happened.

Examiners determined that the baby was brutally raped, and then her head was SMASHED IN. After a long investigation, Jeremiah was charged with killing the baby.