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We're Not Sure What Looks More RIDICULOUS . . . Amber Rose's New FAKE HAIR . . . Or Her New FAKE BODY!!! (She Looks Like A CARTOON)

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Amber Rose took photos with fans while she was out and about in Los Angeles, California, yesterday. She wore a fitted grey dress that showed off her curvy body. And speaking of CURVY BODY - she was never that THICK before.

A few months ago, Amber posted pics of herself inside a popular BODY SCULPTING CLINIC. And ever since then, her curves have gotten WAY MORE PRONOUNCED.

Amber's currently online slamming haters who said her son Sebastian, 3, may be gay for playing in a wig. She says, "How about all you ignorant f*cks read a book and realize that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress?"