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NOT AGAIN!! Rapper Future Is SUED Again . . . This Time . .. By ANOTHER BABYS MOTHER!! (His BBM Says He's A DEADBEAT .. . Wants More $$)


No doubt the fact that Future has gone above and beyond for baby Future Zahir is not sitting well with his other baby mamas. Baby mama (BM) #1 and #3 have been arguing on social media as Future juggles both. But BM #1 has sued Future for a second time for lying about his income and therefore wanting more child support, and neglecting his son.

Two years ago BM #1 and Future settled after she sued him for child support and agreed to joint custody, with BM #1 having primary physical custody and Future getting visitations twice per month (similar to his recent settlement with Ciara).

The exception is, she feels Ciara is getting more money out of Future, even if it's not called traditional child support. Ciara's deal with Future calls for him to pay for a nanny to escort baby Future during his visitations to him and watch baby Future when with him, as well as paying for all trips to and from visitations, medical and dental insurance, plus a monthly stipend that goes to baby Future's trust fund instead of child support--he will also split cost of a private school in Seattle when baby Future starts kindergarten.

BM #1 feels his payments for baby Future is well above her $2800/month child support settlement she received. And as the first BM she is entitled to the most, wanting the court to increase child support to at least $15k/month along with private school tuition (coincidently the amount Future tweeted was what Ciara demanded which resulted in Ciara suing him for defamation because it was a lie--maybe he got the BMs mixed up?)

BM also says Future is more interested in his time with baby future then his other children. BM believes her child is being neglected because out of the seven days per month visitation he has for all of his kids (some which overlaps and the kids get to see each other) most of the time they are being watched by Future's mom. Because baby Future has an in house nanny, Future ends up spending more time with him since the nanny does the heavy lifting. She says he spends 2/7 days with his son with the rest of the time her son is with the grandma.

BM says her child is being neglected and now is acting out and failing in school. She says her child has expressed that his dad pays more concern for Ciara's child that the rest of them. BM is asking the court for increase child support and for Future to pay for a therapist to address the psychological damage his neglect has caused her child.