NOT AGAIN!! Another BEAUTIFUL Woman DIES . . . After Getting BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT At Miami Clinic!!! (Before And AFTER Pics)

Ranika_Dead1 is sad to report that 25-year-old Ranika Hall died - after undergoing butt augmentation surgery in Miami, Florida. Ranika underwent the procedure at Eres Plastic Surgery on Thursday night. According to doctors, Ranika lost consciousness and stopped breathing during the operation.

Officials said fire rescue crews responded to the cosmetic surgery center shortly after the call came in, just before 9 pm.

Hall was rushed to Larkin Community Hospital, located just blocks away, where she died about an hour later.

Here's how her mom described the incident on a GoFundMe page:

My beautiful daughter went to Miami, Florida, to have a high profile procedure done which was take her fatty tissue out her stomach and placed elsewhere. My baby left Wednesday 3/15/17 perfectly fine and healthy which was the last time I talked to her and seen her. Her procedure was scheduled for 3/16/17 at 1:30 Miami time she sent a text at 11:40 Thursday morning letting us no it was about that time. Never knew that would be the last time i would hear from her. She has a beautiful 1-year-old daughter that i need to bring her body back for a proper burial. If you can donate anything please please do so. Thank you