North Carolina Rapper Tells NYC Gang Members To 'Kill' Tekashi 6ix9ine's Kids!! (Watch)


Tekashi 6ix9ine's family is in a world of trouble, if we believe what one North Carolina rapper is saying. MTO News has learned that yesterday popular North Carolina Rapper Lil Murden offered instructions to those who is looking for Tekashi 69.

The rapper told NYC gang members to "go after his family members."

Watch the frightening video above.

Lil Murden talked directly to the NYC gangsters, that the 24 year old Mexican rapper snitched on, to federal agents.

He explained, "Why are you looking for 6ix9ine, go hit his family - kill his kids and his baby mama."

And he had more to say. The rapper continued, :He took y'all family [by snitching], take his family."

The North Carolina lyricist added, "There are no rules to the streets. If you jump out here [and snitch], you put your family at risk."

Lil Murder is a popular rapper from Winston-Salem. He's most famous for the 2018 release of his mixtape 'Culture.'