North Carolina Bar Is Refusing To Allow BLACKS Inside Nightclub . . . In 2016 . . . SERIOUSLY???


There's a brewing story coming out of Charlotte, North Carolina. A Charlotte woman named Ashley Ellis Sisco claims that NC Bar "Kandy Bar" asked all the "blacks" to leave club line.

Here is what she wrote on her page:

So last night my friends and I experienced something that made my heart break and at the same time made me see red. We went to the Epicentre in Charlotte, North Carolina, and attempted to enter a bar called Kandy bar.

It was a group of about 8 black girls and 1 black guy. They told us we could not enter because we were not members so they made us leave. Well of course I asked the group of white girls behind us if they were members and they said no you don't need a membership to get in. Ummmm?

So I guess the membership was you had to be white? So me and my sister stayed there for several minutes to watch the line and of course they made every black person in that line leave and continued to only let Caucasians in.

I was heartbroken, angry, pissed, honestly I was mad as hell. In case y'all a**holes don't know my money spends just like everyone else. People are so blind. They say racism don't exist. Well my friends and I experienced it first hand.

Also, the black guy with dreds tried to get in with a group of white girls and because they asked the bouncer if he could come in with them. The bouncer made them leave as well. ..smh! #boycottKANDYBAR##PLEASESHARE#

According to the Candy Bar, all Blacks were turned away because of their "dress code"