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North Carolina $10M Lotto Winner, 52, Charged With Murdering 23 Yr Old GF!!


A North Carolina man who won $10million in the lottery has been charged with murder.

Police arrested Michael Todd Hill, 52, on Tuesday after they found the body of a lifeless 23-year-old woman in his hotel room.

Michael checked into the hotel alone on Sunday morning. But at some point the much younger Keonna Graham met up with him in the room.

After checkout time passed at 11 a.m. and there was no sign of Hill a housekeeper went to his room. There she discovered Keonna's body on the floor, and called 911. Keonna was later pronounced dead.

The manager told local media that there was blood in the room and added that no member of staff had ever seen Graham enter the hotel.

In 2017 Michael, then a nuclear power plant worker, won $10million on an Extreme Millions scratch card.

But he quickly blew through his winnings. Despite his massive windfall just three years ago, Michael told a judge on Tuesday he was unable to afford an attorney, and was assigned a court-appointed lawyer — meaning taxpayers are footing the bill for his defense.