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Normani has finally spoken out about her former Fifth Harmony bandmate, Camila Cabello's past racist posts on social media, saying it was "devastating."

Cabello faced public backlash after old social media posts landed online via a Tumblr account, where she used racist language when referring to people of color.

"I face senseless attacks daily, as does the rest of my community. This represents a day in the life for us…Direct and subliminal hatred has been geared towards me for many years solely because of the color of my skin," Normani shared with Rolling Stone for her cover story.

Normani said of the Cabello's posts that "It was devastating that this came from a place that was supposed to be a safe haven and a sisterhood, because I knew that if the tables were turned I would defend each of them in a single heartbeat. It took days for her to acknowledge what I was dealing with online and then years for her to take responsibility for the offensive tweets that recently resurfaced," she said adding, "To my brown men and women, we are like no other. Our power lies within our culture."