Norfolk's 'TEACHER OF THE YEAR' Makes Fun . . . Of Her “Impoverished Hood Students”!!!

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A public school teacher from Norfolk, VA is coming under fire for making fun of her students - who are primarily from impoverished neighborhoods.

The teacher, named Courtney Linke, went on social media groups - and made fun of her students. he joked that her kids couldn't read, and she laughed at how they were so poor, that they frequently asked her for money.

Courtney - who was a former "Teacher Of The Year" went on social media to say some very HURTFUL and seemingly RACIST things about her students.

Here are the posts:


Here is a picture of the school's Superintendant Dr Melina Boone, a Black woman. MTO News reached out directly to the superintendent, and her office told us they are "Investigating the matter.