Cardi B's best friend Star Brim is already making enemies - and she's been out of prison for less than 6 months. She's now beefing with rapper/podcaster Nore.

The "beef" between the two popped off last week, when Nore brought Troy Ave onto his popular podcast The Drink Champs. Nore interviewed Troy, and asked him questions about a violent interaction he had with rival Taxtone - that led to a deadly shooting.

The problem is that Star Brim is also good friends with Taxtone, and she's upset that Nore would bring Troy Ave - whom she calls a "snitch" - onto his show.

So she created a video, telling Nore to "s*ck her d*ck." Nore responded to Star's video, and he seems really upset about it:

Cardi and Star grew up together, and they both became affiliated with the NY Bloods around the same time. Last year, Star was sent to prison for federal identity theft - and Cardi paid her legal bills.

Eventually Star Brim was released from prison. Now she's working on creating her own podcast: