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Rapper Lil Xan is facing embarrassment after his former girlfriend, singer Noah Cyrus, called their relationship her biggest mistake.

On Friday, World Star Hip Hop uploaded a post which asked, "What mistakes did you make in your last relationship that you won't repeat again?" 

Cyrus commented "My last relationship was the mistake, lmao" under the post.

Oh, dear!


The couple went public earlier this year at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, the seemingly unlikely pair captured the attention of the media. 

They broke up about a month or so after when Xan accused Cyrus of cheating on him.

"I'm not saying she was using me for fame, I'm saying she was using me to get more popping in the music industry... I'm not going to be the f--king victim when I came into the rap game for positivity…They're always going to believe the f--king girl and of course they're going to believe the Cyrus family… what I'm saying is the truth, believe what you want." 

Cyrus responded to the video, denying the accusations.

"I am sorry, I never did anything that I am getting accused of and I woke up confused, with a text from my mom asking what was going on and I didn't know."