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Cardi B does NOT have a prenuptial agreement with Offset, and the Migos rapper stands to make $50M in a divorce with Cardi B, MTO News has confirmed.

New York law is clear that any asset that is acquired or developed during a marriage is owned 50-50 by each spouse. And Cardi B's entire brand was developed DURING her marriage to Offset.

So it's not that Cardi B has $100M now to split with her husband, but her brand (with all her possible endorsement deals, etc) could be worth $100M over time. And unfortunately for Cardi - her entire brand is 50% owned by Offset under NY law.

NY law has even worse news for Cardi B. - she doesn't own 50% of Offset's brand. Offset's brand was developed before the marriage, and so his brand is not considered marital property under NY law.

So what exactly does this mean. Since Cardi B developed into an international music brand during her marriage - Offset is entitled to half of the money that the "Cardi B" brand makes . . . FOREVER. That's the way that NY law works.

According to a Forbes magazine estimate, Cardi's brand could be worth as high as $100M over time.

According to People Magazine:

While the split comes as quite a shock to fans, many are convinced it’s a joke as Cardi is known for pulling pranks on social media.

“Naaaa this is a stunt because how u say s— haven’t been working out for a long time? Y’all was just posted up lovey dovey! I know u Cardi…. u don’t do fake love! I call bulls—,” one fan wrote in the comment section of Cardi’s video.

Her announcement comes just a few days after Cardi shared photos of herself and Offset kissing at a recent Lakers game.

Cardi also posted a video of the Migos raper goofing around captioning it, “Fine ass I’ll suck ya d— right thruu this phone… hubby album coming 12-14.”