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Three years ago a rapper who goes by No Plug, murdered his lifelong friend - the popular hip hop artist Bankroll Fresh.

Now the streets finally caught up with No Plug. He was kidnapped yesterday, and released after his family and friends paid a $10,000 ransom


No Plug admitted killing Bankroll Fresh, in an interview with DJ Vlad. In the interview, No Plug provided a recap of the situation that culminated in Bankroll's death. Throughout the video, No Plug implied that he was the man who shot and killed Bankroll. He does, however, allege that it was Bankroll who shot first, meaning that the retaliation shot that killed the 28-year-old rapper was fired in self-defense.

No Plug also told DJ Vlad that he's been absolved of all legal consequences from the fatal incident. After learning of Bankroll's death, Plug claims that he went to his lawyer and then to the homicide department to explain what happened. 

He says that no charges have been raised against him, effectively suggesting that the case has been closed.