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Most grocery stores in the United States are low on food and supplies. And it's virtually impossible to find a roll of toilet paper anywhere.

The run on supplies is a result of the Coronavirus quarantine currently underway in the United States.

But another country, South Korea, is fighting a coronavirus outbreak as well. But they're doing it in a much different way.

South Korea's president, unlike Trump, pushed to test as many of its citizens as possible and managed to get the spread of the virus under control.

The country is currently NOT under a nationwide quarantine, and their supermarket shelves are fully stocked.

In the picture below, vegetables are displayed at a supermarket in Seoul, South Korea and most supermarkets in South Korea are fully stocked with items amid the new coronavirus pandemic. 

In response to the virus, the South Korean government did however restrict religious gatherings, indoor sports activities and visits to nightclubs and other entertainment venues to slow the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that emerged in China late last year. 

Here are some pics:


"We've seen examples in places like Singapore and [South] Korea, where governments haven't had to shut everything down," said Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organization's Health Emergencies Program. "They've been able to make tactical decisions regarding schools, tactical decisions regarding movements, and been able to move forward without some of the draconian measures."

Speaking this week to journalists, Ryan said that countries that have tested widely for the virus, isolated cases and quarantined suspected cases — in the way that South Korea and Singapore have done — have managed to suppress transmission of the virus. President Trump has also praised South Korea's handling of the health crisis and even asked President Moon Jae-in for help with medical equipment to fight the outbreak in the United States.