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NLE Choppa Says He's Going Independent

NLE Choppa announced that he is leaving his major label following Kanye West's recent rant about the music industry. 

Choppa is currently signed to Warner Records.

"I'm going all the way back independent myself after this album even tho I own my music but it is time for us to start %100 owning our craft," he wrote. "Time for us to start pushing new agenda instead of the same with us killing our own when we got a bigger problem."

Kanye has been fighting to be released from his contract for quite some time. He says he's been tied to the label for life. In a series of tweets this week, he referred to the music industry and NBA as "modern-day slave ships" telling his fans that soon "all the musicians will be free."

Twitter suspended his account for 12 hours after her violated a rule by posting a screenshot of a Forbes magazine editor and told his fans to call them.