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The drama between Nipsey Hussle's baby mama - and his family is deep and getting even more bitter, MTO News has learned. And it appears that Nipsey's babys mother, Tanisha Foster expects to regain custody of their daughter Emani.

Right now, Nipsey's sister, Samantha Smith, has temporary guardianship over 10-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom. But Tanisha is fighting to regain custody in the courts.  

Tanisha, who is quick to go on social media rants, gave her fans an update on her court case against the Asghedom family. In the rant, Tanisha claims that she "has custody" of her daughter.

The post implies that Nipsey's sister Samantha "stole" Emani away from her mom.

Whoever gets custody of Emani - also gets access to half of Nipsey Hussle's fortune, which Emani inherits. Since he passed away, Nipsey's estate has sold more than $10M in merchandise. Half of that, according to probate law, belongs to Emani.

Here's the post:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 5.26.51 AM