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Nipsey Hussle's sister Samantha Smith is seeking custody of his eldest daughter following his abrupt passing.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Smith has filed papers to the Los Angeles County Court asking a judge to grant her full-guardianship of Hussle's 7-year-old daughter, Emani Asghedom.  

Hussle was Emani's primary caregiver until he was murdered on Mar. 31 and Smith is concerned that Emani's biological mother will be unable to take care of her.

"[She wants] to ensure the continued stability for Emani," a source told the breaking news outlet. "And ensure that she will be able to maintain her current and ongoing relationship [with Nipsey's family]."

In a post on Apr. 2, she wrote on Instagram:

"To the world you are the strongest man and to me you are the most vulnerable innocent child. Your heart is pure they don’t know you like we know you. Your love is expansive. Talk to me again. You’ve taught me so much. You hold me down through everything. I got Lauren. I got Emani. I got Kross. I got Sam, he is my responsibility now."

The judge has yet to rule on the guardianship petition.