Nine Year Old Boy Is SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL . . . After He's Caught Selling BAGGIES . . . Of HOT CHEETOS!!! (Lil Dude WAS THE PLUG)


A 9 year old boy in California has learned the hard way - that selling contraband has consequences. The young man, who attends school in Momtebello California, was caught selling little baggies containing between 4 and six individual HOT CHEETOS, for $20 cents each.

The young man was making a killing. He purchased a large bag of Frito Lay's HOT CHEETOS, then broke it up into the small baggies. Accordign to the young man;s parents, he was making between approximately $5 a day in profits.

But the school was not going to allow the PLUG to make all that money. The young man was caught and suspended.

According to the school, it is against policy to allow the sale of food products on school premises.