MTO EXCLUSIVE: Man GIVES UP CHRISTIANITY . . . So He Can Worship Beyonce . . . Declares Her His God - “I Will Worship Beyonce, She Has Given Me Victory, I Will Lift Her Higher”


A Nigerian man, identified as Walter Shakespearean Ude has taken to social media to worship American singer-songwriter Beyonce. Walter used to be Christian - now he's a member of a church he calls "The Church of our Lord Beyzus."

The fan who took to his Facebook page to share beautiful photos of the singer was amazed by her look at Serena Williams’ wedding, and as such, decided to worship the mother of three with a Christian song.

Ude broke out in songs of praise to the mother-of-three, but he added Beyonce’s name to the song.

He wrote:

“🎶 She has given me victory, I will lift Her higher, Be-yon-cé, I will lift Her higher! 🎶 Yes, I’m back to worshipping in the church of our Lord Beyzus.

What? Y’all thought I was going to last in the house of God? When my original calling lies with this goddess?