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Niecy Nash Gets Married - To A Very MASCULINE Woman!! (Pics)


Actress Niece Nash is married - to a woman, music artist Jessica Betts.

Niece shocked the world - and MTO News - today by announcing that she and her lesbian lover had gotten married. 

Niecy just announced on social media that she's taking her partner's name and she's now Mrs. Carol Denise Betts.

Niecy filed for divorce from her husband Jay Tucker last year, and in March theyfinalized their divorce.

And she was quick to jump back into marriage. The couple's wedding ceremony, in the middle of a pandemic, looks beautiful . The Claws star wore a flowing, white wedding gown and Jessica's in a tie and vest.

As Niecy says in her Instagram stories with Jessica, "#PlotTwist."

Here are some pics of Niecy's new partner: