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Nicole Murphy is in the midst of a scandal. New pictures leaked yesterday show Nicole getting hot and heavy with actress Lela Rochon's husband, Antoine Fuqua.

Nicole and Antoine appear to be taking a "side chick" vacation together - in Italy. It should db denoted that Nicole is denying that the two are vacationing together.

Antoine is famous for being one of Hollywood's top directors. He began his career directing music videos for popular artists such as Toni Braxton, Coolio, Stevie Wonder and Prince. But he broke into Hollywood's elite directors - when he directed the movie “Training Day." 

Antoine is also currently married to “Waiting To Exhale” actress Lela Rochon. Lela and Antoine have been together for nearly 20 years - and word is that the two were "happily married."

But this isn't the first time that Antoine has been caught slipping. 15 years ago, Antoine fathered a child with another woman. He reportedly pays over $10,000 in child support for a child he doesn’t have contact with. The boy’s name is Roman.


Here are current pics of his wife Lela Rochon:


Fuqua and Rochon married in 1999 and share two children: daughter Asia, 16, and son Brando, 15. Fuqua also has a son, Zachary, from a previous relationship. Murphy was previously married to comedian Eddie Murphy, with whom she shares five children: son Miles, 26, and daughters Bria, 19, Shayne, 24, Zola, 19, and Bella, 17.

Reps for Fuqua, Rochon and Murphy didn’t immediately return Page Six’s requests for comment, but Murphy told blogger B. Scott that she and Fuqua are just friends.