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According to a new report, Nicole Murphy is allegedly completely broke - and is desperate to find a wealthy man to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

Popular Hollywood blogger B Scott claims that Nicole Murphy is almost penniless. The blogger wrote:

After Nicole and Eddie divorced in 2005, she received a $15 million divorce settlement.

A man by the name of Troy Stratos, who calls himself one of Nicole’s childhood friends, pled guilty in 2016 to swindling Nicole out of $10 million. He promised to invest the money overseas and cover all expenses — but instead he stole millions and covered the expenses using her own funds.

The blogger claims that Nicole burned through the rest of her divorce settlement, and now she's got no money left. 

He claims that Nicole has been living off child support, that her ex-husband Eddie Murphy has been giving her. But that's about to end since her youngest child w/ Eddie, Bella - is 17 years old.

The blogger also suggests that Nicole may have "staged" those pictures with Antoine Fuqua - to break up his marriage:

We alleged that Antoine feels he was ‘set-up’ by Nicole and believes the paparazzi photos were staged. What we didn’t say, however, is it’s also believed that Nicole staged those photos as a way to try and end Antoine’s marriage with Lela Rochon for good so she can push their relationship further. It didn’t work.

Nicole and B Scott used to be friends and he may at some point have had some insight into her personal finances. 

The jury is still out, though, on how desperate Nicole is for a man with "money," but it was bit a curious that the paparazzi just happen to be there during her trip to Italy and captured such clear and beautiful pictures of her rendezvous with famed Hollywood director, Antonie Fuqua. 

Nicole Murphy is the ex-wife of Hollywood actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy. Together they have five children. Nicole who is one of Hollywood's most beautiful women has been linked to a string of celebrity men since her divorce from Murphy, most notably Micheal Strahan whom she dated for several years.

Other rumored romantic links include Drake and Nick Cannon. Nicole was also accused by Lisa Raye of having some romantic involvement with the then Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick, while they were still married.