Nicki Minaj recently underwent fat transfer butt augmentation, where fat was removed from her stomach and implanted into her butt. As a result of the surgery, Nicki's butt is no more massive than ever.

Yesterday, the beautiful female rapper showed off her new cakes, in yoga exercise pants.

And many of her fans commented on social media that Nicki's new butt looked surprisingly firm. Typically, fat transfer butts look loose - like Kim Kardashian's.

Superstar Hip Hop Rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted by paparazzi as she left a recording studio for an episode of 'Queen Radio' for Beats One. Ms Minaj reportedly arrived 2 hours late. Nicki must not have had time to eat as she was seen heading to the interview surrounded by her entourage as and carrying a cup of ramen noodles with her.

The female rapper got a lot of backlash in France this past weekend from angry fans when she was forced to cancel a concert at the Bordeaux due to insufficient electricity at the venue. 

Videos of fans waiting showed the angry crowd chanting for Cardi B as a result.