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Nicki Minaj didn't hold back when she openly flirted with actor Michael B. Jordan during the People's Choice Awards last night.

As she was on stage accepting the award for female artist of 2018, she set her sights on the CREED star.

“Hey y’all, how are you tonight? I said, ‘How are you tonight?!’ ” she said. 

Minaj thanked her management and her fans for voting before making the following statement:

“Shout-out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me,” she said with a sly smile, “and shout-out to Michael B. Jordan because he’s going to be taking it off of me tonight.” The "Chun-Li" rapper then sticks out her tongue at the actor, but the camera did not give us that much needed close up of Jordan's response.

The crowd, of course, cheered. 

We wonder what Lewis Hamilton thinks of her antics? The rapper is rumored to be dating the Formula 1 champion and has been for a few months. Maybe he couldn't keep up with her "3 times a night" demands and bowed up?

Now Nicki wants to know if Jordan can fill in? He did recently admit that his dating life is a little flat. Are you here for this potential coupling?