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Nicki Minaj turned 36 last week and spent the majority of the week with her new rumored boyfriend, Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty.

Fans were pleased to see Nicki looking extremely happy, but are still not pleased with Nicki's choice of a new boo.

Petty is a convicted sex offender and rumored to have five kids - and people are wondering why she is continuing to show him off.

Here are just a few of the comments online about her relationship with 40-year-old Petty:

"I’m screaming at Nicki Minaj proudly showing off her rapist boyfriend. Sis has entered the stage of her career where she doesn’t give a single f*ck. Whew chile, the ghetto."

"B*TCH NICKI MINAJ’S NEW BOYFRIEND RAPED A GIRL AT KNIFE POINT?? See...naw. She sure knows how to pick them."

"yooooo Nicki is wildin........ she just don’t care that these people she associating with sex offenders. Her brother, Six9ine and now her new boyfriend. I’m disgusted" 

"people saying the idea of nicki dating a pedo & rapist is "her business". her fans are truly mentally ill."

"Nicki really went to Queens to give out turkeys and left with a convicted rapist"

"So Nicki Minaj continues to promote her “relationship” with the convicted CHILD RAPIST Kenneth “Zoo” Petty👀 .... when is she ever gonna learn?! She loves and supports 3 pedophiles now!! She’s a lost cause!"

"I see Twitter is occupied with the whole Offset and Cardi mess, but did we ever address the whole Nicki Minaj dating a rapist thing? Or is she that irrelevant 💀"

Do you agree with her fans that at this point Nicki is a "lost cause" or should people stay out of it?