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Nicki Minaj's close friend reached out to MTO News - and claims that Quavo and Nicki Minaj never had s*x. According to Nicki's homie, "She made Quavo eat her b*x, then she kicked him out."

The Quavo and Nicki Minaj rumors have been swirling ALL OVER the internet - but now Nicki's friend is coming out to set things straight.

The rumors began earlier this year, when the two took pictures together on social media. But the rumors heated up, when Quavo dropped his new song "Barbi Dreams" where he talks openly about sleeping with the highest selling female rapper in history.

The pal explains, "That n*gga is a weirdo. How are you going to make a song about Nicki, when she used your mouth - then kicked you out."

According to the friend, Quavo wanted to date Nicki - but Nicki's wasn't ready for anything serious. The friend claims that Nicki was hurt by the sing and felt betrayed by the Migos rapper. She added, "He was supposed to be her friend. That was corny."

Last week, Nicki admitted on her radio podcast that she's "dating." But according to Nicki, she's not yet ready for a serious relationship.