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Nicki Minaj has a new boyfriend, a handsome NY music executive named Zoo Bang - who has some serious street ties. Before becoming a music executive he was a TOP LEVEL Queens NY street "OG."

Word on the street is that Nicki and Zoo Bang have been dating now for a few months. But it's not just romance. The two are also working on business projects together.

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty is 40-years-old and a father of five. He is reportedly in the lives of all of his children.

MTO News confirmed that before Zoo Bang was a music executive - he was HEAVY in the NY streets. So heavy that he's had 12 mugshots taken of him. 



But that was a long time ago, now Zoo Bang operates as a completely legitimate businessman - and he's quickly gaining a name for himself as a top music exec.

Nicki and her handsome new bae were spotted out in Queens having a romantic dinner together a few days ago.


Here's a video of the two together: