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Nicki Minaj's Mom DEFENDS Her PEDO Brother . . . Upstages Nicki's Album Release!!


Nicki Minaj's mother Carol has decided to upstage her daughter's album release weekend, by leaking an interview about Nicki's convicted pedophile brother. According to Nicki's mother Carol, Nicki's brother Jelani - who was convicted of raping his 12 year old step-daughter - is innocent.

This weekend was supposed to be all about Nicki's new album. Now more people are taking about her convicted CREEP brother, than about Nicki's new music.

Nicki's mom claims that the DNA evidence came back inconclusive or negative but the DA told the press that it was a match. Carol claims that tainted the jury and Jelani didn't get a fair trial. 

She also claims that her legal team got one of the jurors to sign an affidavit stating that the jurors ignored instructions and decided they were going to put him in jail long before the trail was over.

Carol also calls out the mother of the victim for alleged child abuse and extortion. Carol claims that victim's brother bragged to social workers about getting $25 million. She says Jelani doesn't even have $1 million, so they were really trying to extort Nicki. 

Carol further claims that a police report showed that evidence was tampered with. The cops allegedly didn't find the victim's "rape" clothes when they searched the house. Carol asserts that the mother and child brought the shorts and placed in on Jelani's bed where the cops took photographs.

As for the child abuse she claims, Carol states that Jalani's wife would beat the children with electric extension cords and admitted this in court. She allegedly beat the son for telling the social worker they were getting $25 million. 

Finally, Carol suggests that the court should take Jelani's wife's children from her. She claims the sons testimony was lies and full of holes.