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Nicki Minaj's new song Megatron is bombing . . . badly.

The catchy song debuted on the Billboard 100 last week, at number 20 - which was great for Nicki. But now, a week later, the song is flopping harder than anyone could have imagined.

The song dropped 72 spots, to number 92.

This was the biggest one week drop of any song for all of 2019. Nicki also holds the record for the biggest drop of any song on Billboard for the year 2018. In that year Chun Li dropped 38 spots between its first and second week on the charts.

Similarly, Nicki has the record for the biggest one week drop in the year 2017. In that year, Nicki's song No Frauds dropped 70 spots between its first and second week on the Billboard charts.

In 2017 and 2018, both songs continued to slip on the Billboard charts after their second week. So if history is a guide, Megatron will NEVER be a hit.

Here are the receipts:

A fan pointed out that this is the third time that Nicki dropped a song, and it flopped a week later. But her latest flop, may be the biggest.

To drum up more support for the record Nicki has resorted to creating a Megatron challenge...Just as the wave of rappers using dance challenges as free promotion for their new music started to crest, the pioneering Nicki Minaj appears to have found a way to revitalize the genre with her own “Megatron” challenge. Rather than simply encouraging fans to pop their booties to her latest single at a gas station or in church, the Queen Barb actually offered something new: A chance to win money for supporters who danced or rapped to the “Megatron” instrumental.

Nicki posted the rules for her challenge on Saturday after everyone thought the fireworks were all over for the weekend. It turned out they were just beginning because with $10,000 on the line for Nicki’s favorite, $5,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third, fans lit up social media with their verses and choreography, which Nicki naturally reposted to prompt more participation.