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Nicki Minaj’s friends are reportedly worried that she’s moving too fast with her new bae, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty.

Nicki has been seen sporting a ring, which has sparked engagement and even possible marriage rumors and she's has even tweeted that she and Petty have already picked out their baby names.

Sources close to Nicki reveals that her friends are now concerned that she's moving things along, way too quickly and want her to slow down.

“It’s all very intense and romantic, but it’s also got her inner circle very anxious,” the friend told Hollywood Life. 

“He’s already telling her he wants to marry her, and she’s saying the same thing! The fear is that she’ll do something spontaneous, like run off and elope and then regret it later. Nicki’s moving too fast with Kenneth.” 

But all of the hate and criticism that Nick has received has only made her want to move more quickly with her controversial boyfriend.

“Right now it’s like they are Bonnie and Clyde with the world against them. This is only making them bond more,” the source told HL. 

“Everyone is just hoping she’ll slow down a little and take her time with this. She certainly has a lot more to lose than Kenneth does, so it’s understandable that they’re worried. But, she’s so swept away by love right now. Really anything is possible.”

Is she moving too fast?