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Nicki Minaj's EX-HUSBAND Safaree . . . Claims That She Put A HIT OUT ON HIM!!! (Do You BELIEVE Him . . . And If So . . . Did He Just SNITCH??)

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Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill should expect a visit from the police any day now. That's because Nicki's ex-husband Safaree is SNITCHING.

Safaree took to Twitter last night to explain how someone has "put big money on his head". That's slang for putting a hit out on someone.

While Safaree didn't exactly name names, it's clear that he was implying that either Nicki or Meek had put the hit out on him.

Meek Mill is currently under HOUSE ARREST. If he is found to have been the one that ordered the hit, he'd be facing a LOT OF JAIL TIME.

For Meek's sake and Nicki's - we hope that Safaree is wrong about the hit.