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Nicki Minaj’s controversial new boyfriend was busted for driving through a stop sign in an unlicensed car in Nassau County, New York.

According to Page Six, Kenneth Petty was arrested again just last month during a traffic stop, a police source to the media outlet. Petty, 40, is currently a music executive and had been cruising without a license on Nov. 11 when cops pulled him over, the source said.

Here's what Page Six is reporting:

He was hit with a misdemeanor charge for operating an unlicensed vehicle along with infractions for failing to stop at the sign and driving with a suspended or revoked license. The exact location of his arrest wasn’t clear. 

Petty was sentenced to 18-54 months in prison after the rape of a 16-year-old girl. He later spent seven years behind bars for fatally shooting a man in Queens in 2002. Nicki and Petty seem to want to put the past behind them but new arrests and any potential charges will only shed further light on his murky past.

He is scheduled to appear in Nassau County court again on Jan. 8.