Nicki Minaj's Belly Was SWOLLEN At Last Night's Met Gala . . . Pregnancy Or Too Much CAKE??

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Nicki Minaj rumors are about to jump into OVERDRIVE. Earlier this year reports, MTO News reported on rumors that she was pregnant with the rapper NAS baby.

But for months, her camp did any and everything to deny the validity of the rumors. Well last night, the rumors may have just gotten stronger.

MTO News obtained CLOSE UP PICS of Nicki Minajs stomach - and she clearly has a protruding belly. Nicki has always been known to keep herself VERY fit.


And there's more. MTO News can confirm that Nicki did NOT drink anything at all last night - not even a sip of wine.

While MTO News can't OFFICIALLY confirm a Nicki Minaj PREGNANCY - it's looking more and more likely.


As you know reports are saying that Nicki and Cardi chatted all night long at the Met Gala, but eyewitness reports say the interaction seemed "forced."

On the red carpet just before their reunion, things might not have been so harmonious between Minaj and Cardi, who is pregnant with her first child. Minaj uttered a quick sentence that had Twitter users crying “shade!”

One guest told MTO News, "They both knew that everyone was watching, and they wanted to make everyone feel that the beef was over."

Previously the superstars had tensions. "They both collaborated on Migos’s song “Motorsport.” After the song came out, rumors started flying that there was drama between the two, who both rapped verses on the song. Minaj said that she was hurt by Cardi’s reaction to the song."