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Nicki Minaj unveiled her new Vogue Japan cover - and she looks a lot like Lil Kim on the cover. People are suggesting that Nicki Minaj has done "something" to her face, to alter her looks.

Almost as soon as the Vogue cover was released, folks started comparing Nicki's new "face" with Lil Kim's.

Lil Kim has altered her face significantly since she first came on the scene. The Brooklyn female rapper reportedly underwent 20 different facial surgical procedures over her lifetime. 

And the result of all Kim's procedures, has been less than desirable.

Now Nicki fans fear that she may be going down the same path. 

Her Vogue cover pictures show Nicki's face looking different - suggesting she's had plastic surgery.

Here are the images:

And here are the pics of Lil Kim:


Back in 2017 Life & Style Magazine reported that:

There are no butts about it — Nicki Minaj’s backside has seemingly grown right before our eyes! And if you’ve been following Nicki on Instagram and possibly taken part in her fan-made #NickiMinajChallenge this summer, we’re sure you’re still noticing her burgeoning backside and said to yourself, “is Nicki’s butt for real?”

Through the years, the rapper has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery for her nose and butt. But before the rumors of her getting butt implants started swirling, the 34-year-old (real name: Onika Tanya Maraj) was just an unknown female rapper from NYC trying to make a name for herself. So, to answer your questions…