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The hashtag #blackgirltragic is used to tell stories of girls and women of color who have had their lives cut short by violence.

But now Nicki Minaj is using the same hashtag - to drag Black women and many on social media are upset with Nicki over it.

Many activists are saying that Nicki has stolen a powerful hashtag, and turned it into ratchetery.

But Nicki doesn't  seem to mind the criticism. Yesterday, while on the Joe Budden Podcast, she launched a rant against the "Black b*tches" criticizing her use of the hashtag.

Here's Nicki's response to the criticism:

Nicki Minaj first used the tag #blackgirltragic to criticize the appearance of a Black woman who questioned whether Nicki was making the right choice - by getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

Nicki insulted the woman, blaming that her appearance was "tragic."