SHOCKER: NICKI MINAJ Teams Up With AZEALIA BANKS . . . Claims Cardi B Got Big . . . Because Of Her 'LATINA PRIVILEGE'!!! (Is NICKI Just Hating??)


On Tuesday Azealia Banks came out and criticizes Cardi B - after Cardi was crowned with having the NUMBER ONE single in the world.

Azealia basically claimed that Cardi B - an ex-stripper who raps about her GANG AFFILIATION using broken English, would never be as popular as she was if she were a Black Girl.

Many in hip hop seemed to AGREE with Azealia. Now Nicki Minaj seems to have weighed in. Nicki and Azaelia haven't spoken with each other in YEARS.

But shortly after Azealia attacked CARDI - Nicki reached out to let her know - that they're NOW COOL.

Azealia showed her conversation with Nicki:

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