Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion had the hot song of the summer - Hot Girl Summer, and the video for the song came out this week.

Megan’s ubiquitous catchphrase went viral in July, with the Texas rapper since attempting to trademark the phrase. In her own words, ‘Hot Girl Summer’ refers to anyone who is “unapologetically them, having a good ass time. You know, just a bad bitch”. She also asserts the phrase transcends gender or identity.

The video was FIRE - and it's been very well received by fans all over the world.

The one thing in the video that hasn't been well received, was Nicki's twerking in the video. Many on social media are saying that Nicki's twerks were "struggle" compared to Megan's.

But really, it's not Nicki's fault. Just about anyone on the planet would look like they were struggling, next to the very gifted at twerking, Megan. And while Nicki Minaj is a better twerker than at least 99% of the world's population, she doesn't come close to the H-Town Hottie. 

Megan's fans took to Twitter yesterday to let Nicki know that she lost the battle, and that it wasn't even close. 

"Had to laugh at how hard Nicki Minaj was working to move her booty next to Megan Thee Stallion’s effortless twerk," one commenter explained. 

The video for "Hot Girl Summer" features a gigantic pool party and in many scenes, Nicki and Megan dance together for the camera. According to reports the video shoot was so lit that the cops were called on location. 

Here's the full video:

Here's how Twitter reacted to Nicki's struggle: