Nicki Minaj's introduced the world to her new boyfriend Kenneth Petty this weekend. Well MTO News just uncovered new details of HOW the two got together.

According to Kenneth's baby's mother - she and Kenneth were living together when Nicki Minaj stole him away from her.

Kenneth's baby's mother is a beautiful bottle girl from New York named Noelle. Noelle works inside Angels gentleman's club and is a very pretty and voluptuous woman.

MTO News confirmed that up until a few weeks ago, Noelle and Kenneth lived together - as a family with their daughter. That was until Nicki came by and allegedly BROKE UP their home.

So why did Nicki break up a happy home? Well, it's not clear, but there is a crazy conspiracy theory floating around the internet.

The theory goes like this: Noelle happens to be friends with Cardi and good friends with Cardi's BFF Star Brim. Some people are speculating that Nicki just stole Noelle's man as some type of indirect shot at Cardi.

Whether Nicki stole her man maliciously or not, Noelle seems to be taking her loss in stride. Check out her comments below about Nicki and her ex.

Here's the woman, admitting that Nicki Minaj stole her babys father:


Here are some pics of the beauty: