Nicki Minaj is being accused of sending goons - to beat up another female rapper's mother. The rapper, a Love & Hip Hop cast member named MariahLynn - says that Nicki sent her goons - to jump her mother.

MariahLynn claims that he goons pulled up on her middle aged mom - on Nicki's orders - and attacked the woman. MariahLynn also claims that her mom was injured, after being jumped.

MariahLynn explained, "They jumped my mom in the street," talking about Nicki's goons. She wrote on Instagram, ""Let's not forget when they jumped my mom in the street after asking her if she was my mother, to send a message to me not to come for 'The Queen.'" 

She also provided a pic - showing the injuries that her mother suffered.

Nicki Minaj has not addressed the allegations, But MariahLynn's claim that Nicki used an enforcer to VIOLENTLY BEAT a rival, seems to be how Nicki conducts business.

You see, Cardi B faced Nicki's goons also. As MTO News reported, Cardi B was beat up by Nicki's enforcer and friend Rah Ali at a NY Fashion Week event.


Reports say that, "According to Marilynn's IG stories, Nicki Minaj is at fault for enticing her fans to do "evil sh*t" in retaliation to those who speak ill of her. From the newbie's perspective, Nicki Minaj should be acting differently as a "queen," showing love throughout the different stages of her career."