Nicki Minaj Sends The Barbz After Kim Kardashian To Release Kanye West Collab

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Nicki Minaj is well aware of how vicious her fanbase, the Barbz, can be -- and issued an order for them to hit up Kim Kardashian to force husband Kanye West to release the collab they have together.

"Y'all gotta light up Ferg comments everyday if u want [Move Ya Hips]," Nicki tweeted. "And light up KIM comments everyday if you want NB," she continued.

Nicki has since deleted the tweet.

Nicki went online earlier this week after landing her second #1 single with her 6ix9ine collab "TROLLZ." She enjoyed the first #1 of her career after she hopped on Doja Cat's "Say So" remix.

"Y'all did this with no play listing and no radio and it's just not happening in 2020," Nicki said. "All the records on the top of the charts right now are doing that with heavy play listing and heavy radio [play]. So for us to do that, debuting at No. 1, that's insane. I love you guys so much. We just did the highest pure singles [sales] of the year and you can't buy that. That's fan love."