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Nicki Minaj is a married woman, according to multiple sources, including one person close to the rap superstar.

One of Nicki Minaj's associates is telling people that she secretly married her new boyfriend Kenneth Petty. And multiple blogs are reporting the same thing.

Nicki and Kenneth have known each other for almost 20 years, but only started dating six months ago. Since they started dating, their relationship progressed very quickly. They went from dating - to seriously dating in just a few weeks. 

Now rumors are all over the internet that Nicki's married. One website wrote, "[Nicki] tied the knot to Kenneth. Don't expect them to disclose it now because she is currently planning for her tour. The tattoo of her name on him was just the icing on the cake."

The same site claimed that we should expect big announcement from Nicki before February - the official European leg of her tour starts then.

Another popular Instagram page also reported on the same rumor. They posted the following:


And MTO News spoke with a person that has been associated with Nicki - and they say the same thing.

The insider explained, "Nicki married her boyfriend [Kenneth]. They did it secretly."

Nicki even changed her name. The insider explained, "She's now Onika Petty."

We have more details on Nicki's alleged marriage. The insider told MTO News that as far as she knows, Nicki Minaj does NOT have a prenuptial agreement with Kenneth.

The insider also told MTO News thats he does NOT believe that Nicki is pregnant.