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Nicki Minaj Responds to Jennifer Hough’s Witness-Intimidation Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty’s harassment and witness intimidation case just took a pretty crazy turn.


Jennifer Hough, whom Petty was convicted of sexually assaulting in 1995, is suing Nicki and Kenneth for for allegedly trying to force her to recant her 25 year old rape allegations. Jennifer's lawyer recently requested a $20 million default judgment in her witness intimidation case against the couple after they failed to respond to her lawsuit. 

No Jennifer;'s lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn, is telling the media that he received an email Thursday night from attorney Judd Burstein on Minaj’s behalf—in which he requested that Blackburn withdraw the petition and grant an extension to respond.

Nicki Minaj Husband Victim - Jennifer Hough - Speaks

But Jennifer's lawyer is not withdrawing his default judgment petition, an the expects to have a judge decide whether Nicki should pay the full judgment immediately.

“I said NO!” Blackburn told The Daily Beast in an email. “I told him to prepare his opposition to my request for default judgment and explain to the court why his client and her husband believe they’re both above the law.”

Nicki;s husband Kenneth was convicted of first-degree attempted rape in 1995 and denied the charges at the time

Jennifer made her first television appearance on The Real last month, where she and her attorney Tyrone Blackburn discussed her original attempted-rape case and its fallout, as well as the new charges. She tearfully described how she’d spent years blaming herself for the assault—“hiding within myself, living and surviving through insecurities, using them to protect myself. Thinking that if I don’t look a certain way, I won’t attract a certain type of attention. I’ve been like that my whole life.”