Nicki Minaj RE-INFLATED Her Booty . . . It Now Looks . . . Like She's SITTING ON A BEAN BAG!!!!

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MTO News has learned that Nicki Minaj has re-inflated her butt, in anticipation of the released of her new album.

What's different about her butt? Well in recent months, Nicki had been undergoing a series of BUTT REDUCTION measures - in hopes of having a more natural body.

But that's ALL OUT THE WINDOW NOW. MTO News confirmed that Nicki recently went to a popular Beverly Hills doctor and got some azz shots. The insider told MTO News, "She's just maintaining, nothing serious."

And while our SNITCH doesn't think it's anything "serious" . . .  it looks pretty serious to us. Look at her butt. It looks like she's sitting on a BEAN BAG.


Here is the video:

Nicki must be also feeling a little self conscious about the alleged procedures because it was also reported that Nicki came for a fan who accused her of having a "fake body." On April 22 the report said that, "Nicki seriously clapped back at an Instagram user on April 22 after they accused her of having “paid” for her body by seemingly suggesting that she’d gotten plastic surgery."

“Isn’t your body fake???, the fan said. You paid to look like you,” they hit back at the rapper in the comments section, to which Minaj proved that she wasn’t afraid to clap back at the hater by hurling a few insults of her own in the troll’s direction.

Per Metro, Minaj certainly didn’t hold back after reading the mean comment and responded in the comments section of the video upload, “You can’t even show ur whole face. Must suck to be so jealous, miserable, insecure and ugly.”