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Nicki Minaj Is CLEARLY PREGNANT . . . We Have The First CLEAR And Undisputable . . . PREGNANCY PICS!! (Nas Gonna Be A Daddy)


MTO News revealed that Nicki Minaj and Nas are expecting a child together - now we have NEW PICS that confirm our report.

Nicki was spotted at the airport - and she CLEARLY had a tummy bulge that she was hiding.

There were reports that she had been in rehab trying to kick her Percocet addiction. As you might know, when people kick an addiction, they every often gain weight. So could her extra poundage be down to being perc free?

Her fans are speculating on social media:

"Wait is Nicki Minaj Pregnant? Or She had a secret baby?"

"Nicki Minaj is pregnant! Or was pregnant, I swear. Ironically, She literally looks like Janet Jackson when she was pregnant. She gained weight and she's glowing 😲😍😇 "

"Yeah @NICKIMINAJ is definitely pregnant"

"did y’all know nicki minaj was pregnant ? cause it ain’t going viral and i wanna kno why"

"I feel like Nicki Minaj got pregnant by Nas 🤷🏽‍♀️"

"Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? Her face seems a lil rounder"

If Nicki isn't pregnant, then she really needs to put some music out soon. It's been months and her fans are getting antsy.

But take a close look at these pictures. Do you think Minaj is knocked up?