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Republic Records is planning a huge comeback for female rapper Nicki Minaj - and the label will be spending MILLIONS to get her career back on track. Those millions will be spent on blogs, radio stations, and streaming platforms.

The first step in Nicki's comeback plan, MTO News is told, is her new single. According to a snitch at the label -  Nicki will be on a new single that is expected to be a multi-format smash hit. 

The song features Paula Abdul, Nomani, Megan Thee Stallion and more. It will be the featured song for the soundtrack to the new Charlie's Angel film. A lot of money will be going into "promoting" it and it'll be performed at the upcoming VMAs. 

The label is pulling out all the stops to ensure that Nicki's new track is a hit. It will even be featured in a Pepsi commercial. 

But Nicki's not planning on resting on that one hit. She also has new songs with features from Rita Ora and Taylor Swift to win over the pop crowd again. And there's more. We're also told that Nicki has a track in production with The Migos and another with Drake.

It may be a HOT GIRL Summer . . . but Republic records is going to make sure that this fall is going to belong to THE BARBS.