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Nicki Minaj Nearly 'Comes To Blows' w/ Candace At Real Housewives Potomac Reunion!!

The reunion show for The Real Housewives of Potomac was filmed yesterday, and it was absolutely BONKERS, MTO News has learned.


It is being called the best non-Atlanta Housewives Reunion shows in history. And it's all because of Nicki Minaj . . . yes Nicki Minaj.

MTO News had spies in the audience who told us that Nicki is definitely a super-fan of the show. And the Pink Barbie was at one point nearly coming to blows with Candiace Dillard.


Candiace is having another rough RHOP season. Her food fight with Mia Thornton and subsequent low-blows, such as body-shaming Ashley Darby, are fueling the haters. 

Well Nicki isn't a fan of Candiace and she let her have it, according to our sources.  The website Hollywoodlife spoke to an audience  member who described the confrontation as, “She came hard for Candiace and read her,” the source said. “It was an epic moment.” 

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But MTO's source says that things were actually way more confrontational. The insider told us, "They were yelling at each other, and Nicki got up like she was ready to put hands on that Candiace. Security had to break it up."

Man we can't wait for the reunion show to air . . .