Nicki Minaj may be pregnant, with Migos rapper Quavo's baby - according to people close to Nicki.

People close to the top selling female rapper told MTO News that they believe that Nicki may be pregnant. She's got a certain GLOW to her now, that many believe may be caused by a pregnancy. She's also put on some weight.

And Nicki's been making some lifestyle changes that are consistent with her being pregnant. For example, one person who was at a club appearance with Nicki claims that Nicki was "not drinking" all night.

Another person, who is close to the star, tells MTO News that Nicki no longer "smokes weed" or takes "pills" anymore either. Nicki has been accused of having a pill addiction in the past.

But if Nicki is pregnant - who is the father. 

Recent reports have Nicki linked romantically with racer driver Lewis Hamilton, and others. But one of Nicki's fiends tell us that if she got pregnant by anyone it would be MIGOS rapper Quavo. Nicki's friend told us, "That's [Nicki's] number one boy now."

And Quavo seems to agree. He recently outted himself as Nicki Minaj's secret lover in his new song Barbie Dreams.

Oh, and don't worry about Quavo and his former GF Saweetie either. Saweetie's team confirmed to MTO News that her and Quavo are officially done romantically.